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Aquilon Software Review - One of the best ERP software that can take your business to another level

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4 Travel Apps For Your Smartphone That Are Useful Anytime

Travel apps have been constantly popular on these devices ever since their inception, but these days they’re so good that they’re actually useful even when you’re not desperately trying to have fun on vacation.

Game of the Day - Flapping Dragon Hidden Mushroom

If you are nostalgic about Flappy Bird then you definitely should try the cutest Flappy Dragon of all times.

Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

Android app that will make the creating of shopping lists very easy and simple.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Take advantage of the great tools available on eBrahma

Recently I needed to find details about one IP address that was constantly spamming me and threaten me. I can assure you that you can't find better tools for IP address and domain information than the tools on eBrahma. The creators of the website did excellent, broad and detailed job with the features and information of their tools.

First off all I have to say that there are more than 20 available tools right now and more than 10 that will be available very soon. When you open the page the first few tools are about your, or any other, IP address. You can find the geographical location of it, find detailed information about the IP, ping your IP and the awesome tool IP range for that certain IP. Not only that eBrahma tools will offer you tools that will convert decimal IP into an IP and conversely, IP into decimal IP. On the other hand, if you are interested in IPv4 and IPv6 Subnet, there are calculators that will give you precise information. I tried all these tools for the IP I had problems and they gave me incredible help.

When it comes to domains, eBrahma also offers various tools that can give you valuable information. You can lookup DNS record from a domain (you can do that for an IP as well). The Domain Audit tool will show you the public record for certain domain and the web http header tool will show you what server features are active. What I also like very much is that there is domain availability tool that will show you if some desired URL is available. Also you can check is certain domain is black-listed.

I am also very impressed by the URL analyzer tool. It showed such broad and detailed information like meta data, text, links, images and processing time of my domain, which is kinda cool because you can do the same thing for your competitor if you doing SEO.

Additionally, the guys from eBrahma offer some email tools as well. You can perform email test, if you have problem sending email to a user for example. You can check POP status, authorization and banner. Also, there is IMAP banner tool and SMTP Greetings and SMTP Banner.

There are also more than 10 tools that are yet to be published. You have to admit that there is huge amount of tools available for free. You can visit this website and try the tools here.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

App of the Day - Learn how to play guitar with Jamstar Acoustics

Recently my nephew started playing guitar. He knew some basic staff but he sounded pretty lame and unprofessional. So, together we found one app that proved as a great help for his guitar skills improvement. Jamstar Acoustics is one of the best apps available on the Internet for learning to play guitar. Praised by Tech Crunch and Gizmodo, Jamstar Acoustic will learn you interactively and in a fun way to play the guitar chords from famous bands and artists.

This app has virtual guitar on your phone. All notes are playable and sound exactly like a real guitar, except the strings on this guitar are in different, compelling colors, but you can use the standard set of colors as well. Of course there is polyphonic tuner to enable you that perfect sound. The graphics also are exceptional and everything just looks sophisticated and that motivates you to learn more and faster.

I love the creativity of the developers. They set every song as a task. You ain't finish until you get 100%, and you can stop and continue whenever you want. That makes the learning even more fun and much easier. Also, you will get clear view of all your songs and the app will remember them until you learn or delete them. There are many songs to learn and they are divided with separate different categories. There are songs from the Beatles, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, R.E.M and many other groups and artists.

With more than 200,000 active users and dedicated team of professional developers and musicians, Jamstar Acoustic is surely one of the best guitar learning services. The app is free and available on Google Play and iTunes.

Google Play Download Link

iTunes Download Link

Prevent pain and improve your life with Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Sitting all day in office can cause big problems for our health. Not only our backbone and lower back can hurt, they can transfer that pain through all the parts of the body and just make us feel more groggy, nervous and anxious. Today we are going to present you one interesting product, for all of you that are sitting to much through out the day. We are going to talk about the Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion.

Because this cushion is made from memory foam, it will reduce the pressure on the lower back and coccyx while you seat. Logically this will also enable better blood circulation of your legs. The U-shape will also relieve the pressure of the tailbone. You will feel much more comfortable while seating.

There are 2 practical solutions that I like about this product. First you can easily remove the cover, so you can easily clean it after a while. Also it is movable, you can wear it with you wherever you want. So you can use it in your office, but also in your home, while you are driving or even while you are seating outdoor. Also, this product is anti-bacterial and antifugal.

I'm using this product for a week. I feel less pressure on my lower back and I feel like I have more energy. The shape hasn't changed a bit and I think it will not change because of the quality material it is made. If you have serious problems with your back pain and you are sitting a lot throughout the day, then you must try this product. It is available on Amazon.

Buy it on Amazon

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Area 51 Air Force - Another beautiful masterpiece from Chevachi

Few months ago we presented the Eternal Eye, beautiful watch made by the incredible company Chevachi. Today we are going to review another beautiful watch made by them called Area 51 Air Force. They sustained the high standards on this product as well, because this watch looks neat, elegant and simply outstanding. I don't have to say that the watch looks very urban, smart and modern, because that is already a standard in Chevachi.

Air Force is part of the Area 51 military watches that are produced since 2012. This military watch has sweet looking stripes that will differ with the color you pick. They are beautifully arranged and that proves their dedication to detail of the designers. The arrows of the watch give additional sophisticated look with their end in different color. Also, their shape looks very elegant. However, the most compelling thing about this watch is the really beautiful date part which is in different color as well. Hats off to the designers, this gives the watch very tasteful, urban and unique look.

The watch is unisex and the straps are silicon. Of course the caseback, the crown and the buckle are made from stainless steel. Area 51 Air Force is water resistant and it is unisex. This watch is actually watch for every occasion, you can wear it on different outfits, depending on the color. Area 51 Air Force will be available in the next period.

The Area 51 series have more then 20 versions. Bellow is the link to the watch where you can buy it and also the video if you want to check out the looks, features and design of this amazing watch.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

If you are Iranian, then you must try Iranian Everything

Being Iranian in the United States is hard. You are far from home and you live in a country that is so much different from yours. Today we are going to present you two apps and a website called - Iranian Everything. Basically, these apps and apps are dedicated to the Iranian-American businessman and professionals.

There are many businessman already registered to this website and apps. So, when you open the website it will offer you different businesses and professionals in your are. You will get various info like map, phone number and pictures. This is perfect for finding fellow Iranians which you can trust and talk about your home. Not only that they will offer you quality service, but also they can help you if you are in a bad situation.

You can also submit yourself as a businessman and professional. You just need to select the right category and tell your location.

The apps for Android and iOS are both simple and user friendly. The UI is intuitive and everything runs smooth. You will get thousands of professional profiles, which include their names, picture, expertise, phone, address, website etc. The creators of this online directory and apps say that it is a must have for every Iranian-American.You can visit their website here, and bellow are the download links for the two apps.

Google Play Download Link

iTunes Download Link

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Freight Monitor - Website that tries to exclude the freight brokers and save money to shippers and drivers

Few days ago I was contacted to write review about one site that deals with shipping. Actually, the website owner created The Freight Monitor, with one simple goal, to ditch out freight brokers from the transportation process. Why? Because according to him they take huge rates for basically doing nothing. So, he wants the brokers to excluded from this process, which will lead for more money to the drivers and less cost of transportation for the distributing companies.

Simple example is one of the transport cost he showed me. One broker got $3000 to move a load for one shipper. He payed $2400 to the driver and kept astonishing $600 for himself, and this is only for one deal. It is obvious that the shippers are over charged and that the drivers are underpaid.

So, like I said, the goal of the website is to exclude the broker from this deal. So, if you are a shipper then you'll need to try this website. They will definitely find transportation and you will save great amount of money. There are many satisfied customers already using the website, but he thinks that a lot of people don't know about the website and he wants to get more people with his simple slogan "It's Your Freight .. It's Your Rate."

The latest person this website helped was a person from Salt Lake City, UT. They saved her amazing $289 per load and she ships 8 loads per week. Yeah, the savings for a year are astonishing $120,224. So, you decide if it's worth it to sign up for this site.

The website owner is one of the many that are fed up with someone stealing his money. So, if you are a driver or shipper be sure to check out this site. You can visit the website here.

App of the Day - Stress free alarm clock - Interesting method for losing weight

Many people that are over-weight, or just want to lose some weight to get into perfect shape try different diets and watch what they are eating. However, hightecholic today will present you one interesting method, which is actually patented scientific innovation. Stress Free Alarm Clocks are apps for Android and iOS that reduce stress when waking.

Why is this important? One of the important reasons you gain weight is because of the high levels of cortisol in your blood. I don't have to tell you that this high levels of cortisol are result of the stress. Waking badly, with loud alarms and in bad timing, raises the stress at the morning and thus it increases the levels of coristol. I wanna tell you that this not only affects your body weight, but also the skeletal muscle mass and overall health.

So, how will these apps help you? These apps belong to the new generation of sleep cycle alarm clocks that require no sensors. Not only that they will wake you in the perfect time they will use unique alarm sound that will help you to wake easily and with great energy. You will never feel groggy in the morning and you will definitely start the day with reduced stress. Of course this reduced stress will not only deflect on your mood, but also it will bring you a lot of health improvements.

The apps are developed by a neuro-scientist. He knew about how stress affects human health and through these apps he just wants to reduce the stress, which will surely lead to loss of weight and improvement in your everyday life.

iTunes Download Link

Google Play Download Link

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boost your productivity with the creative Remember It

Hightechholic always support quality and creative products. Recently we found one really useful and simple app, that looked creative and astonishing to us. So, today we are going to present you the amazing Remember It. It is amazing because it is one of the best reminders on Google Play.

The relatively new productivity app will remember your locations, based on Wi Fi signal. Then you'll need to categorize them. After you assign name to the most visited locations, you can start adding reminders. The app enables you to set two simple reminders: when you arrive at the location and when you leave the location.

I love how RememberIt isn't time related. For example, it is beautiful how you can use it to remember simple things like turning your boiler on when you arrive home, or check if you turned off the oven when you leave your home etc. The UI of the app is beautiful and really simple. You can determine Wi Fi locations and add reminders very fast.

So, that is it. RememberIt is one of the most simplest productivity apps that you'll find on Google Play, but also one of the most useful and smart apps as well. It is small in size (only 1.5 MB) and it doesn't drain battery or waste RAM memory like the other productivity apps. It is not strange how Remember It has 5.0 rating from 21 reviews in such a short period of time. I think that there is bright future ahead of this app and this developing team.

Google Play Download Link

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Website of the Day - Funny and Jokes

Name: Funny and Jokes

Link: http://www.funnyandjokes.com/

Category: Entertainment


Funny and Jokes is where you find numerous categorized jokes. There is great selection of unique and funny stories and short jokes. The categories like: Dirty Jokes, Clean Jokes, Top rated jokes or even the random joke category will surely make you laugh and entertain you. However, there are even more detailed subcategories like: blonde, gay, doctor or even religious jokes. This can be great source for pranks and shares on your social media.

Create compelling ID cards, employee badges, membership cards with ID Card Workshop

When starting small or medium sized businesses one of the steps in getting your organization on the right path is creating ID cards and employee badges for your workers. Hiring a design firm to do this for you is the easiest step, but for that you will need to pay money. Also, some workers will leave the job and new workers will come along, so you'll need to create new ID cards and badges. To save you from all these activities, Hightechholic will present you one quality software that will help you do all this by yourself.

ID Card Workshop is one of the best software programs for creating ID cards, employee badges, membership cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards or any other types of ID cards.

What ID Card Workshop can do for you

- Membership Management

Not only that you can design ID cards there are also very powerful membership management tools like: Enrollment, Records Manager and Records Seeker.

- Various build in Templates

You don't have to design anything. ID Card Workshop has many various built-in templates with different sizes that will definitely satisfy your needs.

- Support For Webcams, Files, Digital Cameras And Scanners

ID Card Workshop is able to import any photo from your webcams, files, digital cameras and Scanners. With the webcam you can also directly capture photo from the program.

- Support for printers and various data base support

This quality software also supports all versions of Access and Excel, but also SQL based databases. It also support ID printing and has two printing modes. 

- Magnetic Stripe Encoding and Built-in JavaScript Engine

There is a lot of effort put in this software. Experts and professionals had create it and there are a lot of quality partners and users of this software. Be sure to learn more about it and order it here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get inspired and improve your life with Nudge

Hightechholic always supports creative services. Some people just want to create things that are different than anything other on the Internet. Today we are going to present you one unique Chrome app called Nudge. Nudge is amazing, but also totally simple and beautiful app that will enable you to create and find cool activities in your city. Here you will find interesting activities and what to do in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Houston.

After you install their chrome app or go to their website you can see future and past events. What is cool is that you will get not only information about the event and see photos, but also you will get directions and exact time of that event or activity. However, this activities are not some sort of advertising or money making events. They aim to be inspirational or uncharacteristic. That is why I said this app is a bit inspirational and this is how you will get away from the everyday life and monotony.

After you sign up, you can also create activities and events. Creating an event is really simple, you just need to come up with title and explain the activity, enter photos, date and time and then just Nudge! Then other people will see your activity and hopefully meet some astonishing people. You have to admit that is one great concept and with the tasteful and beautiful design of the app you will just enjoy browsing the events in your city and creating one for your own.

You can get Nudge for Chrome here and visit their website and get more information here.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Antivirus Software that will keep your computer safe

Lets be real. The good and quality antivirus software programs are paid and well known. You can't really find reliable and secure antivirus software that will work flawlessly for free. Today we are going to present you the 5 best antivirus software programs that will improve the health of your PCs and keep your computers safe.

5. ESET Antivirus

The popular antivirus is obviously one of the best in the business. Tested and tried by many, ESET Antivirus is well known for its stealth and performance. However, this antivirus got little flaws when the speed and its strength come in question. It can slow down your computer, especially if you have older computers with average or bellow average hardware. But, as I said, on the other hand ESET can find most of the known and unknown viruses and malware.

4. Norton Antivirus

The popular Norton Antivirus produced by Symantec is one of the best in the business. Started back in 1991, Norton has authority and successful history in the computer world. This software is well known for its speed and strength. It is also very reliable in finding the newest viruses and all kind of threats to your computer.

3. Preventon Antivirus

Preventon is one of the most quality antivirus programs that you'll find on the Internet. Produced and developed 10 years ago by the UK antivirus experts Preventon Technologies, Preventon worked its way to the top with its safety, strength and stealth. Not only this software is fast and secure, it will also enable you some cool additional features like blocking popular websites to download advertisement on your computer.

2. Total Defense

Proof that Total Defense is one of the best are the 72 awards this antivirus software has received. On the other hand, proof for its strength, performance and reliability are the countless tests and its sales. Total Defense is one of the fastest antivirus software and it is proven that Total Defense will find, delete and stop all threats for your personal or business computer. I also love the instant and silent updates, where Total Defense updates without stopping your work or slowing your computer.

1. Bitdefender

The best and most reliable antivirus software is BitDefender. For very affordable price you will get outstanding antivirus software, known for its speed, strength and firewall protection. It will detect and remove even the unknown and the most dangerous trojans and viruses. It is perfect for both, personal and business use and it has many additional features that differ it from the competition.

This list was created and based on the lab computer tests and research of Top Ten Antivirus. This is professional antivirus website which has many discounts, deals and sales of various antivirus programs, including the above mentioned best antivirus software programs.

Source: http://www.toptenantivirus.net

Friday, November 15, 2013

Make your app successful with Your App Report

Making a good app is a hard job. However, making your app popular and well known is even more harder. There are many marketing websites that offer app promotion. However, most of them are either low quality or they are too expensive. Today, we are going to present you one great app marketing website called Your App Report.

They have incredible offers that are really affordable for what you are getting. This is ideal for developers who are starters in this business, but also for developers that want to increase their downloads and make the next step in making their apps more popular. So, lets see what services they offer.

115 Android App Reviews

This is obviously for Android developers. For only $89.99 you will get amazing 115 reviews posted on 115 different Android blogs and websites and all that in 5 days. Also, there are better offers that cost little more. This will increase downloads and create the needed hype for your app very fast.

155 iPhone App Reviews

It is the same as Android, but for iPhone apps you will get 155 App Reviews for $99.99. They already are collaborating with many quality iOS apps, which is a proof for your app to get more downloads and the needed attention.

App Icon Design

Design of quality app icons and all that for around 9 days.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

They offer professional Press Release about your app. This press release is written by a PR specialist with more then 15 years of experience. Then, the press release will be published on 10 free press release websites.

Manual App Audit and Suggestions

An experienced professional will work with you and your app. You will also get suggestions and 25 page audit which includes analysis and recommendations.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Get catchy and quality domains that will help you to reach success

Internet marketers know that the domain name has huge meaning in the success of one online business. That's why some domain names are really expensive and most of the best ones are already taken. Today, we are going to present you website that deals with domain names and there you will surely find the best domain name for your ideas and goals. For example, there you can find great four letter domains for sale. But lets see what else you can find on Brand Arrows.

First of all, Brand Arrows is really a quality organized site. On the front page you can find the best and most popular deals. Practically, first you will see the best and hottest deals. Then you can search the website for domains by letters. There are domains with 2, 3, 4, 5 and more letters. Also, you can search the website according to categories. The guys from Brand Arrows made sure that they put as much categories as they can and we have to be fair to say that there is really great amount of useful categories. In that way you can also get ideas for new and more profitable niches.

Brand Arrows is also a place where you can sell domains. So, if you own some quality domain you can earn some money. However, be aware that the shorter the domain is, the more you can earn on it. Brand Arrows will also offer you help when you start new business and companies. It will give you quality company name ideas, or names that are most successful. That is maybe the crucial in making quality online business.

So, Brand Arrows is the place where you will get the best brandable domain names. There are experts in this field and I'm sure they will help you and give you the best advices for online success.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Improve your love life with Lovendar

The life in couple can become boring. Even if the partners love each other, sometimes there are times when they don’t know what to do in their free time. That can make them feel frustrated and often stupid problems and fight arise from such relationship. Today, we are going to present you iOS app, that will help you to make the times you spend with your loved one, much more interesting and entertaining. That is how you will escape from the monotony in your relationship.

Lovendar is creatively designed app dedicated to love, couples and relationships. Basically it is a tool to select the gifts you want to buy each other, things to do together and what to try together. This will bring whole new dimension to the relationship.

How it Works

After you both download Lovendar on your iOS devices, you need to invite the partner to join you. Then you can share different things and start organizing events together. For example you can put pictures from you two, locations you want to visit or gifts you want to buy each other. You can also add dishes to eat or movies to watch. You will definitely be more organized using Loveandar and you will get notifications when your partner adds or completes certain wish.

All this is done privately and it is only seen by you two. That is how you will get to know each other, find funny things about yourselves and enjoy your loved one. Loveandar is also very sweetly designed. The UI is easy to understand and the app just looks tasteful and beautiful. Lovendar is free and available on the App Store.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Truth about IT Companies in Houston Texas

If you're wondering if there are IT companies in Houston, you should know that there are plenty of out them out there. If you don't know of any, simply go online on Google and search “IT companies in Houston”. We're pretty sure that if you do that, you will find at least three companies or more considering how big of an area Houston is.

But of course, it's one thing to hire an IT company and it's quite another thing to hire a good company. And so it goes, when it comes to IT companies in Houston, you should only hire the good companies. How do you go about doing it? Read below to know.
When from your Google search you already have the names and contact numbers of at least three companies, get in touch with them. While it's obvious you need to ask about, and get a quote, on their services, there's one other thing you need to ask from them: the names and contact numbers of their previous clients. 

Really, a company is really only as good as its happy customers, and good companies because of the value they provide, will always have smiling clients. That said, when you already have the contact information of a company's previous customers, make sure to call them and ask about their experience with the company and if they have any complaints.

You would be surprised, but you might just find a thing or two about Houston-based IT companies just by making a few phone calls. When it comes to hiring an IT company, while price is a major consideration, a company's business ethics, level of skill should also be considered in the decision-making process. When you do your due diligence, you can never go wrong.

IT support Houston is very important service for small and middle businesses. If your business don’t yet have an IT professional who maintain your business’s data, you better contact some IT companies in Houston area and schedule a meeting.

Master the new iOS 7.0 with The Complete iOS 7 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and All the New and Hidden Features for iPhone, iPad and Ipod

iOS 7 is the relatively new iOS operating system for the Apple's mobile devices. The new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S work on it and most of the newer devices can be upgraded to it. So, we decided to present you a book that will be your guide to all features of this quality and probably the best iOS operating system for Apple device. It is considered that this is the biggest change in this operating system.

The Complete iOS 7 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and All the New and Hidden Features for iPhone, iPad and Ipod is a book that will explain you all features, known and hidden, of iOS 7. First of all, it will present you overview of the new operating system and how to install it on your devices. Then, it will thoroughly explain you the new features and how to use them for your greatest benefit.

In this book you will find the updates of the existing apps explained and how can you benefit from them. Like I said, you will also find the hidden features of iOS 7 explained. The writers made sure the book to be readable and easy to understand. So, I'm sure learn a lot of new things and you will become master of your iOS devices. The book is very affordable and you can buy it here from Amazon.

Lcd4laptop - Great site for finding quality and affordable laptop screens

When the computer or laptops parts get damaged it is bad. But when the monitors of the computers get damaged, then it really hurts. You have to fix it right away and often there aren't any good, quality and affordable repairment stores. Today we are going to present you one of the best laptop screens web stores - Lcd4laptop.

Lcd4laptop is 6 year old company that it is retailer and wholesaler in replacement laptop screen panels. It is a company that serves the biggest markets: UK, Europe, Asia and North America. Being successful in this business is another proof for their professional and quality service and support. The selection of laptop and tablet screens is enormous. There are basically screens for every known brand. Their product assortment is one of the broadest on the market. There are lap top screens raging from the well known and popular Dell, Acer, Sony, HP and ASUS, to the relatively unknown MSI, ZoomStorm and Proline.

What is also great is that they have screens for most of the Apple's MacBook pro models. Of course, screen replacement is available for most of the iPads. But, not only for the Apple's tablet, there is screen replacement for most of the well known Android tablets, like the Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy and even Amazon's Kindle.

Customers located in the UK will get their orders for free and in the next day. However, the delivery tariffs for the other countries are very reasonable. So, that's it, be sure to check this affordable laptop and tablets screen store.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Five Reasons Why Bloggers Should Consider Outsourcing Work

Bloggers are probably the only ones who truly know how difficult it can be to work efficiently for long periods of time. Blogging is not a profession that should be taken lightly, because it involves so much more than simply writing. The common misconception is that blog owners only have to write content, but this is wrong. As a matter of fact, there are many daunting tasks that these professionals have to do, and it is very easy to make mistakes

First of all, they must work hard to expand their social media presence, optimize their articles for SEO, become active in the blogging community, and always look for alternative and innovative ways of attracting more traffic. Guest-posting is another thing that should be done in order to grow a site, and we all know that this is not an easy task. This is exactly the reason why it is sometimes a good idea to outsource work. Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should consider hiring somebody else to help you with your tasks.

1. Increase Your Own Productivity

As I mentioned earlier, blogging is a serious commitment, and it should not be taken lightly. With so many things that have to be done, you can easily be overwhelmed. Outsourcing work is a great way of increasing your own productivity, because you can let somebody else take care of the menial tasks that you do not like. For example, you can hire someone to help you with your social media efforts, especially considering that you should become present on multiple social networks like Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. On the other hand, you can hire a skilled writer to help you with content.

2. Gain a Fresh Perspective

In a way, hiring a writer is like accepting constant guest posts from the same person, because you will gain a new, and hopefully fresh perspective on certain matters. Everybody has his own, unique writing style, and hiring someone that can highlight certain ideas that you might have never thought off might actually attract more readers to your site. Nevertheless, make sure you find a decent, reliable, and committed writer if you want things to work out smoothly.

3. Save Time and Money

Most people believe that outsourcing means that you will have to spend a lot of money on things you do not necessarily need, but this is not entirely true. Think about it this way: there are many great freelancing platforms out there, from which you can hire great writers, at reasonable prices. Freelancers are usually more dedicated to their projects as they will directly impact their working portfolio. In addition to this, having a great writer work for you mightactually attract important readers to your blog, might increase conversion rates and in the end, affect the overall sales (considering that you are trying to sell something).

4. No More Writer’s Blockage

As a writer, I have often found myself in a very uncomfortable predicament. I had no idea what I should write, or how. This happens to many bloggers, especially those who write a lot of content each and every day. Writer’s blockage is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen, and if it is not overcome it can mean the complete abandonment of a site. I have seen it happen many times, but luckily for you, hiring a freelance writer might help you with the problem, because it means that you will no longer have to create content day in and day out. You can lay back, and write only when you are feeling inspired, while your employee takes care of the rest.

5. An Expert’s Opinion

As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous freelancing platforms that you can use in order to find capable employees. These potential workers are usually specialized in many fields like web-design, social media and so on. It would be amazing if you could hire someone that is an expert in a certain field, because this will mean in depth analysis and content creation on specialized niches that will definitely attract traffic.

All in all, there are many reasons why you should consider outsourcing work, especially if it is something that is not difficult to do. One last piece of advice would be to take your time before hiring someone, and if you have decided to go for a freelancer, make sure to check their portfolio before deciding. Most of the times bloggers hire writers that are not up to the task, and they end up regretting it.

Author Bio:

Pauline Groberts is a passionate writer and SEO professional who loves everything related to tech. She has recently started to work together with Guest Post Shop, a company that focuses on high-quality guest-posts and content marketing strategies.

9 Cool Educational Apps for Your Kid

9 Cool Educational Apps for Your Kid - Smartphones and tablets not only catch the eyes of adults, but children are also attracted to discover what those touch screens do. Today, children are becoming more interested in discovering and understanding the functions and applications of these devices and instead of lending them yours, you might consider purchasing an equally interesting gadget that has been especially developed for kids. 

There are a lot of affordable kids tablets you can find on the market and you have access to all kinds of education apps you can install on them. They will keep the kids entertained for hours, while you have a little bit of time for yourself. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for them to learn interesting things they would not normally care about.

Steamy Window

Steamy Window is an application through which children can learn to draw. The screen is “steamed” and the child can practice numerous designs and shapes without using blocks or watercolor. It also includes an effect that transforms water into vapor drops that roll off the screen.

How to make Paper Airplanes

The application teaches your child how to build various paper airplanes, from simple to complex. It is probably the best educational app, since it requires learning some basic principles that are then applied to the paper in his hand, combining the advantage of digital technologies with those of traditional games for children.

Ants Smasher for Kids

Ants Smasher for Kids is a game with a very simple mechanism in which all you have to do is crush ants, who want to stick their antennae into the cookie jar. A game of Ant Smasher is an excellent break between two educational applications, because it helps the child relax.

0-10 Numbers Baby Flash Cards

This simple and intuitive application will help your child learn to count to ten by means of logic designs. Addressed mainly to children of between the ages of two and four years old, this application is very educational.

Kids Numbers and Math

Is your child way past the age when he learn to count to ten? Then give him the Kids Numbers and 
Math application that allows him to learn to count up to 20, but also to understand the main mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

Here's an app for BlackBerry smartphones, very educational for your kid. He has the opportunity to look up the definition of terms and words that he doesn’t know in the dictionary, learn about synonyms and antonyms, and deepen his knowledge in certain areas by using an encyclopedia made available on the smart phone.

Geo Walk HD

Geo Walk HD is an application that can be used on all smartphones with the iOS system. It provides a globe that helps your toddler travel into a virtual world and discover the most fascinating locations. Whatever his destination, with the help of this app your child can learn the essential things about the history of the place he is “visiting”, all about legends and personalities that have marked the history of a certain territory etc.

Kids Paint Free

Kids Paint Free is an Android app that allows children to draw on the screen with nothing but their fingers. It encourages artistic impulses and stimulates your kid’s imagination and creativity, leaving him entertained for hours on this app.

Nursery Jam

If your child is the latest Mozart, then you’ll definitely need this application. With it, he can learn to play various instruments, while looking at some interesting graphics and managing to identify sounds heard with the image tool used.

It is a beneficial educational support for kids who are music enthusiasts or simply beginners. Such an application allows him to test out some instruments, to eventually choose one to test in real life, and learn how to play it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inform yourself about organ donation with Video Donor

Very little is known about Organ donation. You can rarely find organ donor information websites. Today we are going to present you very informative website and iOS app that will educate you about this, for many, unknown field. Over 120,000 people are already waiting for organs. From January - August 2013 there were over 19,000 transplants and only 9,440 organ donors. That means that the awareness for organ donation needs to be increased.

That is the purpose of Video Donor. Тhe creators of the website and the app want to help to people and to increase the awareness about organ donation. They want to educate people and Donors and people who need organs can share videos. If someone is interested for organ donation, he can directly contact certain person. There are many inspirational stories and you can subscribe, comment and share them directly on Facebook, Twitter or email. There are thousands of videos already and new ones are added daily.

The app is neatly organized. They made it simple, but yet very neat and organized. There aren't any unneeded things. You can view different channels, search or browse through categories. Everything is smooth and polished.

This initiative is well received in UK and USA. Their idea and concept are really great and unique. I think that they deserve big respect, because they are doing all they can to stand out the importance and make their purpose, website and app more popular and well known, so they can help more people.

You can visit their website here and download the iOS app here.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

App of the Day - Save money on your iOS devices with Vouhers For It

Vouchers are extraordinary way to save money. However, if you are not home, it is very hard to find vouchers that really work and to find only the best ones. Today we are going to present you one iOS app that will enable you just that. You will have the best voucher offers on your phone.

The app is pretty simple. You can either enter the store for which you want to get vouchers or discounts and the app will show you if there is any, or you can find vouchers and discounts through their well thought categories. Vouchers For It is very broad and it includes thousands of vouchers, discount rates for multiple products.

You can also get discounts and vouchers on their website. This is also great for producers and sellers. They can submit products, discounts and vouchers on the website and improve their sales. The team of Vouchers For It is extremely responsive. They will surely find solutions to any of your problems. Even if you don't find voucher for certain product, you can contact them and they will give their best effort to find discounts for that product.

So, that is it. Why not have this free, simple and light (1.4MB) app on your iPad or iPhone. You can save a lot of money in future. You can get the app here and visit the website here.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bedloo - Interesting social networking concept

Facebook and Twitter are basically giants in the social network, but they are getting old. Today we are going to present you something quality and little unknown. Bedloo is interesting social network app that will enable you to vote on 2 choice questions. The questions can be in form of photos, videos and even music.

First thing you need to do is make an account and sign up on Bedloo. Then you need to choose your interest, according to which you will get questions and you will get customized feed. After that everything is easy. You can create your own questions using two photos and get the reactions for them in real time. On the other hand the voting is simple, you just need to swipe the "VS." to the side you want to vote for. Bedlo registers the votes right away and enables you to share them on the social media.

You have to admit that the idea and the concept are interesting. You can use the website as well. I like how everything is divided in categories and also the categories are very interestingly divided. For example if you are a music fan, you can decide and participate in the battles between certain songs. You will be able to hear the song first of course. Pretty entertaining and fun feature.

The UI of the app is very intuitive and this guys have put great effort into the design. Everything is compelling and just well thought and creative. The app is free and you can follow everybody that you desire to follow. You can also invite friends and make the questions more private. Addictive app that will hopefully bring life and entertainment to the social networks.

App store download link