Friday, June 15, 2012

How to remove "seen" on Facebook chat..

Few weeks ago Facebook integrated a new thing in chat. If somebody read your message you'll get "seen" and the exact time when the message is seen. Although sometimes this is a good thing, in some other cases, it can be very bad.

We offer 2 way to simply remove "seen by" on Facebook:

1. Using this Chrome extension, which works only for users of Chrome.

Click "Add to Chrome"

A new window will open, click add.

2. Using Chat Undetected, which you need to install and works for Chrome, Firefox and IE. 

Note: If your antivirus is detecting it as a treat, it is not, we use it and it works perfectly fine.


  1. Thanks this was very useful.

  2. uff, i fucking hate that thing!

    thanks for the tip! i'll try it! :)

  3. This is very nice, i hate that "seen" stuff >.<

  4. I can still see "seen" notification for my messages, i.e. if my friends have read my messages. Is it normal or does it mean it's not working? Thanks.

  5. It's normal. You have the "seen" option, but they don't (only when they are talking to you)! :)

  6. Thanks! Good stuff! :)

  7. Join the petition to let Facebook users control this feature directly in their privacy settings:

  8. I have"seen" Glad they didn't remove it ^^

  9. Very helpful post, thank you!

    For chrome users there is an alternative extension which seems more complete and mark as read button is working for group conversations too.

    "Facebook SeenBlock"