Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Examples of goals - Inspire and get inspired.. continues with presentation of interesting sites. This time is about a simple web site, with a very interesting and unique idea - Share your goals, in order to inspire, or be inspired by others.

Examples of Goals is completely integrated with Facebook, so any goal you share will be visible to your Facebook friends. This is great, the goal will be a some kind of а promise you make to your closest friends and family and you can inspire them also.

Also, you can follow the site on Twitter and you'll receive the newest personal goals of other users of the site.

What makes the site interesting is that you'll face some goals that are similar to yours, or you can read a goal, like it, and make it your own. Also you get into people life and routines, and habits and in a way you connect with them.

As for the goals, there are many. From everyday "bad" habits like "Stop checking email before 9AM", to eating and diet goals like "Eat better – less sugar". You will also find financial goals, work goals, family goals etc.

Site is fast and easy to navigate, pages load quickly and there are no ads to distract you. Everything is simple and organized. So what you waiting for, go and share your goals. :)