Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boost your productivity with the creative Remember It

Hightechholic always support quality and creative products. Recently we found one really useful and simple app, that looked creative and astonishing to us. So, today we are going to present you the amazing Remember It. It is amazing because it is one of the best reminders on Google Play.

The relatively new productivity app will remember your locations, based on Wi Fi signal. Then you'll need to categorize them. After you assign name to the most visited locations, you can start adding reminders. The app enables you to set two simple reminders: when you arrive at the location and when you leave the location.

I love how RememberIt isn't time related. For example, it is beautiful how you can use it to remember simple things like turning your boiler on when you arrive home, or check if you turned off the oven when you leave your home etc. The UI of the app is beautiful and really simple. You can determine Wi Fi locations and add reminders very fast.

So, that is it. RememberIt is one of the most simplest productivity apps that you'll find on Google Play, but also one of the most useful and smart apps as well. It is small in size (only 1.5 MB) and it doesn't drain battery or waste RAM memory like the other productivity apps. It is not strange how Remember It has 5.0 rating from 21 reviews in such a short period of time. I think that there is bright future ahead of this app and this developing team.

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