Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Area 51 Air Force - Another beautiful masterpiece from Chevachi

Few months ago we presented the Eternal Eye, beautiful watch made by the incredible company Chevachi. Today we are going to review another beautiful watch made by them called Area 51 Air Force. They sustained the high standards on this product as well, because this watch looks neat, elegant and simply outstanding. I don't have to say that the watch looks very urban, smart and modern, because that is already a standard in Chevachi.

Air Force is part of the Area 51 military watches that are produced since 2012. This military watch has sweet looking stripes that will differ with the color you pick. They are beautifully arranged and that proves their dedication to detail of the designers. The arrows of the watch give additional sophisticated look with their end in different color. Also, their shape looks very elegant. However, the most compelling thing about this watch is the really beautiful date part which is in different color as well. Hats off to the designers, this gives the watch very tasteful, urban and unique look.

The watch is unisex and the straps are silicon. Of course the caseback, the crown and the buckle are made from stainless steel. Area 51 Air Force is water resistant and it is unisex. This watch is actually watch for every occasion, you can wear it on different outfits, depending on the color. Area 51 Air Force will be available in the next period.

The Area 51 series have more then 20 versions. Bellow is the link to the watch where you can buy it and also the video if you want to check out the looks, features and design of this amazing watch.