Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bedloo - Interesting social networking concept

Facebook and Twitter are basically giants in the social network, but they are getting old. Today we are going to present you something quality and little unknown. Bedloo is interesting social network app that will enable you to vote on 2 choice questions. The questions can be in form of photos, videos and even music.

First thing you need to do is make an account and sign up on Bedloo. Then you need to choose your interest, according to which you will get questions and you will get customized feed. After that everything is easy. You can create your own questions using two photos and get the reactions for them in real time. On the other hand the voting is simple, you just need to swipe the "VS." to the side you want to vote for. Bedlo registers the votes right away and enables you to share them on the social media.

You have to admit that the idea and the concept are interesting. You can use the website as well. I like how everything is divided in categories and also the categories are very interestingly divided. For example if you are a music fan, you can decide and participate in the battles between certain songs. You will be able to hear the song first of course. Pretty entertaining and fun feature.

The UI of the app is very intuitive and this guys have put great effort into the design. Everything is compelling and just well thought and creative. The app is free and you can follow everybody that you desire to follow. You can also invite friends and make the questions more private. Addictive app that will hopefully bring life and entertainment to the social networks.

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