Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inform yourself about organ donation with Video Donor

Very little is known about Organ donation. You can rarely find organ donor information websites. Today we are going to present you very informative website and iOS app that will educate you about this, for many, unknown field. Over 120,000 people are already waiting for organs. From January - August 2013 there were over 19,000 transplants and only 9,440 organ donors. That means that the awareness for organ donation needs to be increased.

That is the purpose of Video Donor. Тhe creators of the website and the app want to help to people and to increase the awareness about organ donation. They want to educate people and Donors and people who need organs can share videos. If someone is interested for organ donation, he can directly contact certain person. There are many inspirational stories and you can subscribe, comment and share them directly on Facebook, Twitter or email. There are thousands of videos already and new ones are added daily.

The app is neatly organized. They made it simple, but yet very neat and organized. There aren't any unneeded things. You can view different channels, search or browse through categories. Everything is smooth and polished.

This initiative is well received in UK and USA. Their idea and concept are really great and unique. I think that they deserve big respect, because they are doing all they can to stand out the importance and make their purpose, website and app more popular and well known, so they can help more people.

You can visit their website here and download the iOS app here.