Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Freight Monitor - Website that tries to exclude the freight brokers and save money to shippers and drivers

Few days ago I was contacted to write review about one site that deals with shipping. Actually, the website owner created The Freight Monitor, with one simple goal, to ditch out freight brokers from the transportation process. Why? Because according to him they take huge rates for basically doing nothing. So, he wants the brokers to excluded from this process, which will lead for more money to the drivers and less cost of transportation for the distributing companies.

Simple example is one of the transport cost he showed me. One broker got $3000 to move a load for one shipper. He payed $2400 to the driver and kept astonishing $600 for himself, and this is only for one deal. It is obvious that the shippers are over charged and that the drivers are underpaid.

So, like I said, the goal of the website is to exclude the broker from this deal. So, if you are a shipper then you'll need to try this website. They will definitely find transportation and you will save great amount of money. There are many satisfied customers already using the website, but he thinks that a lot of people don't know about the website and he wants to get more people with his simple slogan "It's Your Freight .. It's Your Rate."

The latest person this website helped was a person from Salt Lake City, UT. They saved her amazing $289 per load and she ships 8 loads per week. Yeah, the savings for a year are astonishing $120,224. So, you decide if it's worth it to sign up for this site.

The website owner is one of the many that are fed up with someone stealing his money. So, if you are a driver or shipper be sure to check out this site. You can visit the website here.