Monday, July 22, 2013

Game of the Day - Mahjong Skies - Fun, compelling and addictive game

Do you enjoy solitaire games? Then this is one of the best and most beautiful Mahjong solitaire games that you will ever play. The game is very addictive and I've basically spent hours, and hours of playing this fantastic game.

The game play is absolutely stunning and the sounds are wonderful and relaxing as well. Everything runs smooth and the graphics are rich, crisp and simply outstanding. This game has 144 unique level designs and 8 different tilesets. That makes the game even more interesting and addictive. The scores are challenging as well, and there is combo system. There are two modes: easy and hard.

The game is available on multiple platforms, but I enjoyed it the most on my iPad. Nevertheless, if you want simple, but beautiful, exciting and compelling gaming experience, then Mahjong Skies is definitely the game for you.

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