Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NetCamCenter - Secure your business with this ultra quality software

For all the businesses that need video surveillance, we are about to present one of the most quality and most affordable video surveillance software that you can find on the Internet - the Net Cam Center.

The guys from Web Cam Corp did pretty dedicated and quality job in creating of this software. I also like the variability in their work. They offer multiple packages in order to satisfy wide variety of customer needs. So, lets check what they offer.

They offer two editions:

1. NetCamCenter BASIC (High performance HD video surveillance software) - Which is aimed for small and midsize businesses, which need to monitor and record up to 36 cameras at 640 x 480.

2. NetCamCenter PROFESSIONAL (Extreme high performance HD video surveillance software) - Which is aimed for big organizations which need to monitor and record large number of cameras. This edition utilizes both GPU and CPU in order to achieve extreme performance.

So, with this software you will get professional surveillance from a NVR software that will enable you monitoring and recording video servers, video encoders, IP cameras etc. It has extremely smooth and easy to navigate UI. Everything is simple and you will definitely enjoying using this software as everything is neat, simple and well organized. Because of that you will save time and money in training cost.

Some other cool features that we liked is that you can follow all the activity on your cameras on your iPhone, Android Phone or Windows 8 phone.

The software includes and supports wide variety of video devices, it integrated with Apache HTTP web sever, there are thumbnails on every video in order to make search more efficient, alarms and sound detection, you can setup multiple usernames and passwords, there is PTZ control of the cameras and remote viewing, and also you can schedule recordings. Pretty neat, right?

So, if you want to check out the software and buy it go to NetCamCenter.