Sunday, July 21, 2013

What to do before sharing your blog

Many people have asked me what to do after they start their blog. After you start your site, you really need to promote it a bit so you can get some readers. After all, what good is a nice new blog if people are not reading your content? Before you decide to spread the word about your blog, keep these simple tips in mind. I decided to write this post after seeing that wrote a nice tutorial on starting a blog.

· A good design is critical to your success. However, the design of your site does not need to be very complicated; in fact, it can be extremely simple if it looks nice. WordPress and Blogger both have many designs to choose from and there are many great designers out there. If you do not like the intial look of your theme or design, you can always tweak the code to suit your needs. Interesting content is the most important aspect of your blog so do not get hung up on making your blog look fancy.

· You need to have more than one post on your blog before you start promoting it. I usually suggest that the blog have anywhere between five and ten posts before you go out and start sharing and promoting it. People often ask me to share their content but their site only has a single post. This post may be great but you need to put a little more effort if you want active readers. Many other sites have already been writing content regularly so to stay ahead of the pack, you need to do the same before even sharing it.

· Find out what social media people generally use so that you can actively promote your blog on these sites. I would recommend that you use Google+, Facebook, Twitter, as well as Pinterest. There are many people actively using these sites so it helps to share your blog there. Another helpful tip would be to put an RSS feed on your blog. RSS stands for really simple syndication and allows readers to get your content delivered to them directly. You can never go wrong with adding this.

· Another tool you can use is called Bloglovin. This is an app and a website that lets people keep up on the latest posts from all the blogs that they like to follow. Think of it as a YouTube subscription feed. You should take advantage of this tool.

Before you start any of these tips, you will actually need to start your blog. To learn how to start a blog, click over to the website and get a step by step guide on how to set it up. You really should be blogging and networking online and now is a perfect time to start.