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Aquilon Software Review - One of the best ERP software that can take your business to another level

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Game of the Day - Flapping Dragon Hidden Mushroom

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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

App of the Week – Crystals BJ: Speak English

Crystals Black Jack: Speak English is an extraordinary education app that will improve your English in many ways, but mostly it will learn you how to think and speak in the English Language. Created by the professional linguist Alexander Pavlenko, it is an app filled with interesting stories, excercises and examples that will not only represent an effective way of learning, but also a fun way of learning.

The app is interactive and it is based on a story about two detectives, Tom and Bill. There are several steps and chapters, and after you finish them you will be able to speak English fluently. The tasks are very effective and smartly written and the drawings are cool and appropriate. Crystals BJ: Speak English is a great education app, that can serve as an example to other education apps.

Google Play Download Link: Crystals BJ: Speak EnglishApp Store Download Link: Crystals BJ: Speak English

Game of the Week – Puzzle Maniac – Logic Problems

The excellent free Puzzle game – Puzzle Maniac-Logic Problems is our Game of the Day. It is an excellent puzzle game that consist tons of mini-games that will activate, train and test your brain and thinking skills.

Puzzle Maniac has 4 series. Each series contains 7 levels, but the developers are working hard in creating new levels constantly. As you progress through the game can become hard and challenging, but that is the best thing about Puzzle Maniac. It is the true test for your brain.

The game has simple UI and lovely gameplay. Everything is responsive and fast. People who love brain and logic games will adore Puzzle Maniac, especially because it contains: mental, logic and math minigames.

Google Play Download Link: PuzzleManiac – Logic Problems

Saturday, September 27, 2014

App of the Month – Visitor Book - Get excellent control and management over your visitor registration

Visitor Book is extraordinary app that will enable you amazing visitor registration on an iPad. Get rid of the papers and expensive systems, just use a free app for simple visitor registration.

Most of the companies and offices want to keep track of the visitors that come and leave their offices. Keeping a paper or documents on a computer is an old fashioned way of keeping record of your visitors. Another way are the complex gadgets and electronic systems that can track the visitors with cards or different devices.

Recently we have discovered an excellent solution for keeping track of the visitors of your office. It is a modern way of doing things and method that will save you time and improve your company’s image.

We are talking about the iOS app – Visitor Book, that without any hesitation we pronounce as App of the Month. It is an iOS app that not only will help you in the visitor registration, but will also enable you tons of other useful features that will improve your productivity and visitor management. We are going to list all the features bellow.

  •        You can log in unlimited visitors in/out
  •          You will get e-mail notifications your visitor has arrived
  •          You can sync multiple iPads
  •          There is a web dashboard overview
  •          The app has visitor Agreement and signing
  •          There is a remember me feature for visitors that visit your offices frequently
  •          Custom Screensaver images (paid)
  •          Print visitor ID labels (paid)
  •          Custom visitor agreements / fields (paid)

Visitor Book is a professional and quality business app that is perfect solution for every business or organization. With its functionality, features, design and flawless UI it is surely one of the best apps in the business category on the App Store. Try it for free, it is available for iPads with iOS 7.0 or later.

App Store Download Link: Visitor Book

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Game of the Day – Dot Wave

Dot Wave is fast paced, but excitingly entertaining action game that you will surely love. Packed in modern and urban design, with great sound effects and cool female voice over, Dot Wave will challenge you to stay alive through the dynamic waves. To make the things more challenging and entertaining, everything runs fast and the background can change its direction and dimension in any time.

The game is integrated with Google Play Games, so you can compete with other players as well. I like Dot Wave, it seems that developers have put a great effort in creating something unique, urban, challenging and entertaining and indeed they did a great job. Try Dot Wave, it is free and available on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Dot Wave

Monday, September 22, 2014

Use Maxphonic and Maxreading to improve the reading skills of your kids

Today we are going to present a very useful and unique service that will enable your kid a better development. The web apps of MaxSchollar are indeed one of the best in the business. They produce e-learning web apps that are effective and already tested. MaxReading and MaxPhonics are surely one of the best services they offer.

Maxphonics uses the Orton Giligngam Method. This method teaches the students the letters of the alphabet and then it uses the correct pronunciation of each words. The web e-learning app then uses auditory, visual, kinesthetic and motor exercises to improve, test and bolster the knowledge of the students. The exercises are divided in several worlds and you can follow the progress of your students. The exercises are thorough and they include the student to pronounce letters and words in order to progress.

Maxreading is a program that will improve and master the reading comprehension. It uses the highlighting, summarizing and outlining a text as it main concepts. It is consisted from 13 levels. Each level is consisted from several topics and each topic is consisted from various short educational stories. The goal is the student to mark the topic, the main idea and the details with the blue, green and yellow marker. That will improve his understanding and thinking, as well as his knowledge of the grammar and spelling.

Maxscholar also includes tons of other programs like: maxmusic, maxvocab, maxplaces, maxbios etc. It is the perfect place for students and teachers. You just need to make an account and everything else is free. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Boost your productivity with FocusNow

As a freelancer myself, I get all my work done on a laptop or PC. Very often I get stuck on distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I don’t do anything special, I just stare in the screen to see if there is anything new or interesting, while I simultaneously work on an article, project or some design. This is draining my time and ruining my productivity. Well, my life completely have changed with Focus Now.

FocusNow is a productivity app for Windows that will enable you to block the sites that are taking your attention. Actually you can block both, online and offline distractions. Using the different modes, you won’t be able to access your favorite websites and programs. This will make you to focus on the task you need to get done and it will definitely enhance your productivity.

Focus Now is extremely easy to use. There are 3 different work modes. The first one is called Work Block Mode and it will enable you to block websites and apps for a specific amount of work time. The Pomodoro will enable you breaks at 25 minutes (you can change this in Settings) intervals, all with the simple goal to relax and rest. The Schedule will give you the ability to set your own schedules depending on your work rhythm and duties.

The app is light, easy to use and it is packed in a small Window that you can easily control. When your time of blocking the apps and websites expires, the app notifies you instantly.

Focus Now is great idea with the perfect realization. I am sure that many people who get their job on the computer will appreciate it. FocusNow is a small, but very powerful tool that can boost your productivity significantly!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back up your Mac to a Windows based PC with WeiSoft’s MAC Time Capsule

There are tons of software products for back up of Mac. Even the Mac itself has a built in back up software that will spare you from unpleasant situations, like losing important data. However, the software we are going to present you today – Weisoft’s MAC Time Capsule offers unique feature – it will back up your Mac to a Windows based PC. There is no limit on how many backups you can do, meaning you can control and back up multiple devices.

You can start using MAC Time Capsule in 3 easy steps: download, install and run. The software has built-in AFP support and it runs very fast. Another great thing is that it supports basically any Windows, from XP to Windows 8. There is also access privilege control. The whole software will enable you high data security and it will enable you the use and transfer of large files (larger than 2GB).

It requires very modest hardware requirements: 1GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 100MB free space and 256MB graphic card. Check out the detailed product introduction here.
If you get stuck on the installation, or you have some other issues, there is the excellent Weisoft customer support team that is always there and ready to help.

So, get rid of the Apple’s expensive “Time Capsule” and try Mac Time Capsule. It has extremely affordable prices until October 1st. The great thing is that you will get discount for purchasing other products from Weisoft, if you buy MAC Time Capsule.