Saturday, September 27, 2014

App of the Month – Visitor Book - Get excellent control and management over your visitor registration

Visitor Book is extraordinary app that will enable you amazing visitor registration on an iPad. Get rid of the papers and expensive systems, just use a free app for simple visitor registration.

Most of the companies and offices want to keep track of the visitors that come and leave their offices. Keeping a paper or documents on a computer is an old fashioned way of keeping record of your visitors. Another way are the complex gadgets and electronic systems that can track the visitors with cards or different devices.

Recently we have discovered an excellent solution for keeping track of the visitors of your office. It is a modern way of doing things and method that will save you time and improve your company’s image.

We are talking about the iOS app – Visitor Book, that without any hesitation we pronounce as App of the Month. It is an iOS app that not only will help you in the visitor registration, but will also enable you tons of other useful features that will improve your productivity and visitor management. We are going to list all the features bellow.

  •        You can log in unlimited visitors in/out
  •          You will get e-mail notifications your visitor has arrived
  •          You can sync multiple iPads
  •          There is a web dashboard overview
  •          The app has visitor Agreement and signing
  •          There is a remember me feature for visitors that visit your offices frequently
  •          Custom Screensaver images (paid)
  •          Print visitor ID labels (paid)
  •          Custom visitor agreements / fields (paid)

Visitor Book is a professional and quality business app that is perfect solution for every business or organization. With its functionality, features, design and flawless UI it is surely one of the best apps in the business category on the App Store. Try it for free, it is available for iPads with iOS 7.0 or later.

App Store Download Link: Visitor Book