Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back up your Mac to a Windows based PC with WeiSoft’s MAC Time Capsule

There are tons of software products for back up of Mac. Even the Mac itself has a built in back up software that will spare you from unpleasant situations, like losing important data. However, the software we are going to present you today – Weisoft’s MAC Time Capsule offers unique feature – it will back up your Mac to a Windows based PC. There is no limit on how many backups you can do, meaning you can control and back up multiple devices.

You can start using MAC Time Capsule in 3 easy steps: download, install and run. The software has built-in AFP support and it runs very fast. Another great thing is that it supports basically any Windows, from XP to Windows 8. There is also access privilege control. The whole software will enable you high data security and it will enable you the use and transfer of large files (larger than 2GB).

It requires very modest hardware requirements: 1GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 100MB free space and 256MB graphic card. Check out the detailed product introduction here.
If you get stuck on the installation, or you have some other issues, there is the excellent Weisoft customer support team that is always there and ready to help.

So, get rid of the Apple’s expensive “Time Capsule” and try Mac Time Capsule. It has extremely affordable prices until October 1st. The great thing is that you will get discount for purchasing other products from Weisoft, if you buy MAC Time Capsule.