Monday, September 22, 2014

Use Maxphonic and Maxreading to improve the reading skills of your kids

Today we are going to present a very useful and unique service that will enable your kid a better development. The web apps of MaxSchollar are indeed one of the best in the business. They produce e-learning web apps that are effective and already tested. MaxReading and MaxPhonics are surely one of the best services they offer.

Maxphonics uses the Orton Giligngam Method. This method teaches the students the letters of the alphabet and then it uses the correct pronunciation of each words. The web e-learning app then uses auditory, visual, kinesthetic and motor exercises to improve, test and bolster the knowledge of the students. The exercises are divided in several worlds and you can follow the progress of your students. The exercises are thorough and they include the student to pronounce letters and words in order to progress.

Maxreading is a program that will improve and master the reading comprehension. It uses the highlighting, summarizing and outlining a text as it main concepts. It is consisted from 13 levels. Each level is consisted from several topics and each topic is consisted from various short educational stories. The goal is the student to mark the topic, the main idea and the details with the blue, green and yellow marker. That will improve his understanding and thinking, as well as his knowledge of the grammar and spelling.

Maxscholar also includes tons of other programs like: maxmusic, maxvocab, maxplaces, maxbios etc. It is the perfect place for students and teachers. You just need to make an account and everything else is free.