Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Sections – The perfect HTML5 Generator

If you are in search for easy to use and quality HTML5generator, then stop, because My Sections is one of the best in the business. It is perfect for web designers that want to create something quality and interactive with basically no effort at all. It can be used by businessman as well, who want to create interactive content that later will be used in various ways.

Features of the content you will create

My Sections will enable you to create interactive graphics very fast and it will work flawlessly on any of the modern browsers. Any content you create has responsive design, meaning it will be optimized for any device. The graphics will be compatible with any mobile devices and there is no Flash, only HTML5, so there will be no interference with devices that don’t support Flash. Of course, there is both video and image support, which gives you endless possibilities.

The site is called my sections because when you create your interactive content, it will be contained from different sections you create. You can easily add media and create endless number of sections. There is a preview feature and you can easily publish anything you create.

The site is perfect for realtors because they can create interactive plandraws of the real estate they sell. For example, if you sell an apartment you can draw it in 3D and create and add pictures of every room that will be shown the user clicks on a certain room. The great thing is that it works on tablets as well, where the drawings look stunning.

Any work you do on My Sections is stored on the cloud and you could easily continue with the creation of your content anytime.

My Creation is simple, easy to use, offers great features and because safe, because any content you create is stored on the cloud. Excellent service!