Thursday, July 3, 2014

Game of the Day - Blade of Goddess

Blade of Goddess is exciting, dynamic and just amazing Android game that blew my mind recently. This arcade adventure is 2D game that includes tons of excitement, fights and enemies. The game play is addicting and it will definitely glue you to your Android devices. Blade of Goddess is basically endless running game. You need to defeat your enemies using jump, blades and other various weapons that you will collect throughout your run.

Your super hero is the black goddess ninja that runs powerfully and needs to fight against all obstacles. You control the weapon with taps on the right bottom corner, while with taps on the left bottom corner you will jump. The goal is to stay alive as far as you can. All sorts of different beasts and monsters will try to kill you.
The blue and red diamonds will help you to get energy and pace. You will also get clear view of how much weapon you have left. Besides the monsters and all sorts of different enemies, the dark night includes evil snake women monster which is so hard to pass.

The graphics of this game is just outstanding. It is one of the best I have ever experienced on an Android game. The great thing about the graphics is that it doesn’t take too much RAM memory. That means that you can run Blade of Goddess on mid-range Android devices with no-problem at all. The sounds are also great, they take you in the spirit of the night and they create interesting dark ambient.

Blades of Goddess is one of the hottest games on Google Play at the moment. You should try it. It is addicting, interesting and it will stun you with the game play and graphics.

Google Play Download Link: Blade of Goddess