Monday, February 17, 2014

YesUpCloud - Reliable, Quality and Affordable Cloud Server Reseller Solutions

YesUpCloud is experienced company that it is in the cloud server business for over 13 years. After doing little research, I can confirm that YesUpCloud is surely one of the most affordable out there.

Features as Reseller

- You will get premium and highly professional technical support.
- You will have amazing reseller admin and user admin panel. This panels include features as: complete pricing control, customizable cloud offerings, user and billing integration web-based console access, dynamic CPU/RAM/HDD resize and Credit Card and PayPal Payment.
- Domain name, logos, over 200,000 publisher networks and over 10 advertising networks
- Dedicated server packages and private network plans.

With other words they have already prepared solutions from which you can make huge profits, if you manage things well.

Cloud features

- You will get tier 1 bandwith with blazing and ultra fast connection
- Fast activation
- High availability
- Elastic CPU and 24/7 online security.


Digital Ocean is one similar company to YesUpCloud. My research showed that Digital Ocean is more than 129 times more expensive than YesUpCloud.

Below is a quick comparison between yesupcloud and Digital Ocean based on 30TBusage.

Yesupcloud Basic Package includes:

1 GHz CPU / 512 MB RAM / 20 GB Storage / 30 TB (based at100mbps Unlimited Bandwidth) @ 0.0063/hr

Digital Ocean Package includes:

1 GHz CPU / 512 MB RAM / 20 GB Storage / 30TB @ $0.8125/hr

If we convert the cost into hourly rate by using 30-day a month, YesUpCloud would remain as $0.0063/hr, whereas Digital Ocean would become as high as $0.8125/hr - that is nearly 129 times more expensive.

So before you buy anything, I think you should take this facts as a guide.