Monday, February 17, 2014

Before you bet online again be sure to check

I've used many online casino and betting websites. I've been scammed, I didn't got promised bonuses and on some suspicious websites I didn't even get paid. This website that I am going to present to you today, will help prevent you from having to endure these types of scams. Betting411 is really popular online gambling watchdog. They are created and work with simple goal - to protect you from any possible online gambling scams and to offer you the best online casino websites.

They offer simple and useful software that will provide you high security when you use online sportsbooks, online casinos and online poker rooms. They have "blacklists" which practically inform you of the scammy websites. They rate/grade/and inform players which gambling sites are tested and of quality.

As a online gambling watchdog they offer to their users to make complaint forms. As a online gambling watchdog they recommend to their users to file complaint form, if they have a legitimate complaint against an online casino, sportsbook, or poker room. So, before you bet anything again you must check their list of sites that you need to avoid, but what is interesting is that Betting411 has a blacklist of known players that tried to scam the betting websites.

The site also offers great, safe online gambling websites. They offer various bonuses for your first sign up. The dedicated team of Betting411 also created tons of useful betting articles for horse, casino and poker online betting. There are real tested reviews for various online betting websites, various directories and list of best casino and poker bonuses. I will definitely bookmark this website, because I will surely need it for my online betting in the future.