Monday, January 6, 2014

App of the Day - HSLR Nation

Tha Fly Nation is one of the best music websites on the Internet. There are so many news, videos and interviews from the music industry and if you want to be in trend and know what is new in the music industry you just have to follow this site. Recently, Tha Fly Nation released one really quality iOS music app called HSLR Nation.

The creative minds of Tha Fly Nation wanted to create one smooth and simple app that will concentrate on the latest music trends, interviews and videos. They wanted all that to be available on your iPhone or iPads in order to have better and more compelling user experience while browsing the latest music and fashion trends.

It is really nice to have such a good app on your iPhone. You will never lose track on what is trending and you will definitely get only the most important and best songs and videos on your phone or any other iOS device. The app is integrated with Tha Fly Nation Twitter profile, so this is another way to follow the latest trends and never lose track of anything important. HSLR Nation is free and available on iTunes and it has perfect 5 star rating. Totally recommended if you are a music fan.

iTunes Download Link: HSLR Nation