Sunday, December 29, 2013

Game of the Day - Mix it Up!

Recently I found one really cool new game called Mix it Up! and I wanted to present it to you. It is simple iOS game, that will make your gaming time much more entertaining and fun. It is really addicting and competitive. I had some really entertaining times with this app.

It works in a simple way, you must fill the lower ponds by collapsing water filled pits. That means that you have to deliberately send water in the correct location and direction, through tunnels and mazes. You will need to be as precise as possible and you'll need to manipulate the correct amount and color of water, in order to reach balance in each pond.

To make the game more entertaining, each level becomes harder and you will have to become more skillful and to include your brain in order to advance through them. That is what I like about this game, it is a brain game as well.

The game works fast and flawlessly. The developers made sure the game is really fast and with interesting graphic effects and sounds. It looks amazing on the iPad. So, have fun, slice and mix it up for free.