Saturday, December 21, 2013

App of the Day - Rateism - New, simple and interesting photo app

Instagram is one of the most popular social photo networks out there. We all know it is great, but it's getting kinda boring. So, today hightechholic will present you one fresh, new and interesting app that is kinda similar to the social media giant's app. I said similar, but Rateism is different in many aspects. Rateism will let you rate all kinds of different photos that you find on the Internet and it will let you upload any kind of photos that other users can rate and comment to.

Your feed is consisted from only things that interest you and from the photos of your friends. You will see the top rated pictures on your feed, so you can rate them as well, or comment on them. However, there are additional categories like "New" and "Top" that will surely make your time on this app much more entertaining.

The pictures that you upload can be rated by your friends and anybody who opens your profile or the category to which your picture belongs. Also, you can rate every picture from 1 to 10. You can comment on it as well and send it to your friends. The developers even integrated chat, so you can speak to your friends or other people. So, like I said this is fresh, unique and innovative social network that will be some kind of refreshment in the Internet and Android world.

The UI of the app is flawless. Everything is intuitive and beautifully arranged. The design and the speed this app are really amazing. On top of that the app is free and you will not even recognize that there are any ads at all. Try Rateism here, I'm sure you will have entertaining time!