Friday, October 18, 2013

The Eternal Eye – Chevachi’s extra elegant and beautiful watch

Hightechholic is not only about technology. This website also respects elegance and quality and the new watch from Chevachi is just that, elegant and quality. The Eternal Eye is one of the best watches of 2013. It design, material and decoration are just beautiful, classy and perfectly urban.

The color of the circle and the stripe are in tone, which gives the watch more sophisticated and luxury look which fits in night and casual occasions. The Eternal Eye is an unisex watch, that means that it is equally elegant for men and women. No matter if you wear it on a dress or with a suit, The Eternal Eye is watch for every occasion.

What is great about this watch is that it is available in five colors, black, red, white, blue and grey. Also, it is water-resistant, and its straps are made of silicon, which makes it relatively light, gentle and easy to wear. The Stainless Steel Topring and the Plastic Case on the other hand, are prove of its quality and durability.

I especially liked how the arrows are in two colors, that gives greater visibility to the numbers and more urban appearance. The colors of the circle and the colors of the arrows complement each other, this and the other few decorative elements, for example the Chevachi logo on the strap, are prove that this watch is made carefully and with great dedication to details.

The price is low for what you’re getting and pretty affordable for everyone who likes urban and elegant watch. If you like it you can get one here.