Saturday, October 19, 2013

Piip Messenger - Cute, simple and quality cross-platform messenger

Today we are going to talk about the beautiful Piip. Piip is a cross-platform messenger that will only need the Internet in order to use it. It is totally free and basically it is a desktop, mobile and web-messenger. You can use it on your PC, browser, or on your mobile devices.

After you download you need to install it and register with your email (for tablet and PC users), or you will need to make SMS verification, for smartphone users. These made this app available basically for every mobile device that it used nowadays. It is available for iPhone, Android smartphones, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, but also for iPads and Android tablets (The version for Windows 8 tablets is still in development). As for the desktop version it is available for the 3 biggest operating systems: Windows, MAC OS X and Linux.

After you install Piip on your phone it will automatically find which of your friends that are already in your phone book have Piip on their phone and it will add them. However, for the desktop and the tablet version you will need to manually add your friends in order to start a chat with them.

Also, you can write your own status, block any contact, you can create group chats or you can send photos (but not videos, the developers are working on that feature, it will be available in the future) with this reliable and simple messenger. Download it here for any of your desired devices.