Friday, October 25, 2013

App of the Day - ShareWis - quality app that will enable you free learning and knowledge map

Nowadays, the educational apps are rare. Also, the educational apps that are available now are from questionable quality. Today we are going to give you short presentation of one extremely quality app coming from Japan.

The app called ShareWis is an educational app that will enable you tons of lectures and learning features that will surely make your learning effective and fun. This app was top prize of SF Japan Night!

ShareWis derives from the quality learning web-site with the same name. This professional website includes various tutorials from different subjects. After you choose your learning content, for example programming, then you will start watching and listening to lessons.

Every lecture is 5-30 minutes long. The lectures can be videos or presentations, but also they can be articles. Your progress will be visually followed by the Knowledge map. That surely makes the learning more interesting and engaging. There are also interesting quiz questions that will help you remind and learn faster.

You can download the app here, and check the website here, but they are only available in Japanese. The developers are working on an English version of the app which will be available soon.