Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to forward RSS to email

Forwarding the RSS feeds of your favorite websites to your email is beneficial and useful to people who use their email account very often. It can save you time and reasonable data if you have limited 3G contract. There are many tutorials and tips on how to this, but we will present you probably the easiest and most customizable way to forward RSS to email.

I hope you have heard of IFTTT. IFTTT means If then then that, and it is a popular website that lets you create recipes which will do automatically things for you. One of the many channels that this service offers is to forward the RSS feed of different websites to your gmail.

First you need to register to IFTTT, which is relatively simple step. However, be sure to confirm the registration right away. Then you can forward the RSS in a few simple steps. First, You need to add the feed URL of the desired website. Then you need to add your email. This website also enables you some other cool customization features. It enables you to add subject to every RSS feed, thus you can personalize and categorize every feed. This will make you even more organized and productive.

On top of that, you can change the body of the feed articles and include attachment URL. After you fill out all of this needed information, you just need to click “use this recipe” and you will start receiving the feed posts on your email. It is just easy as that. I have been using this service few weeks and I think that it will really help the people that need and want it the most. I hope you liked this simple tip on how to forward RSS to email.