Sunday, July 28, 2013

Softros LAN Messenger Review

Communication with your colleagues via email is indeed good, especially if you want to send lengthy messages and attach documents in any file format. But, if you need to ask short questions, and get the answers fast, then IM application that will work on LAN is probably ideal for your organization. We will present you one of the best in the business - Softros LAN Messenger.

Softros LAN Messenger is not only Instant Messenger application. It will also enable you to send or receive files over LAN network. What is required from you is to download and install the application on the computers with which you want to chat or communicate.

Some of the other interesting features this IM application offers are:

- Offline messaging, you can easily send message to a fellow worker even though he is not online.

- You can group your contacts, for example your favorite colleagues you can put in one group.

- There is message logging, so you will never lose your messages.

- It doesn't require your computer to be connected on the Internet, because it is a LAN application.

- Softros LAN Messenger supports numerous languages, so you can easily chat in your native language.

- Administrators can easily restrict and control the functions for the users.

- It is compatible with all Windows, even the latest - Windows 8.

So, this messenger does not use Internet (thus it doesn't use bandwith and it is more secure from internet attacks like virus or IM worms), it is very easy to install and because it is an application, there is no need for you to setup dedicated LAN servers for LAN messaging.

Download it here and improve the communication of your organization.