Friday, July 26, 2013

Magayo Lotto - one of the best free lotto software

After doing review about a roulette software yesterday, today we are reviewing a free lotto software that will help you improve your winnings in lotto, and maybe even winning the lottery.

First of all, it is worth to mention that this software was praised and reviewed by the tech media giant CNET. It is also available to download on their powerful sub-domain Thus, the download and the software itself are checked and proven.

This FREE software will enable you generating of the numbers for 4 kind of lottery games: Powerball, Thunderball, Lotto, and Toto. I'm using it for Toto in my country the last two days, and I've made some winnings, just to stay in the game. I will definitely announce if this software helps me get some bigger winnings or even the lottery. It is available in 38 countries and the lottery results from these supported lotto games can be automatically downloaded and updated.

The UI of this software is great. It is so easy to navigate and you will quickly learn how to gain from it.

This software will give you a pool of winning numbers, from which you can then choose from. Also, it will give you analysis of which numbers have the biggest chance for win in the next draw. It is the change you need to do, if you haven't won anything in a while and you are out of idea which numbers to play. So, what you waiting for, read more about it here, and download it here from CNET.