Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Use Pinterest for Your Blog?

Blogging can be seen as a way to be creative, but why use Pinterest for your Blog? To start with, your blog is a perfect place to inform people of what you want to write about, whether it is to announce to all that you have some news worth sharing, or to find the perfect place just to vent your feelings and get it off of your chest. This could be a positive or negative sentiment, but it has just got to come out, and at Pinterest, you can be assured that your views will be read by like-minded people. Pinterest is a whole online community of people that want to share their interests and share the things they are looking at right now, and that could be you.

The format is to pin your interests by way of uploading an image or video. Now you may ask why use Pinterest for your Blog? Okay, I am getting to it. You then create your own interface and show the world what you are interested in, and more importantly, what you pin may be of interest to them. Whatever it is you really need to blog about, why not pin it up for everyone to see?

So, you have completed your registration and set up a nice bunch of pictures to admire. You may be still sceptical about why use Pinterest for your Blog. Well, now is the time to organize your pins. You can start to build your collection of pins from other people you may have taken an interest in. You build your board of pins. Suddenly, you may have a collection of blogs from others right up there with yours on a nice interface. All links go straight back to source, so it is quite easy to keep track of everything.

Though you can do all this on your own blog, the answer for why use Pinterest for your Blog lies here as Pinterest is going to prove much easier. Once you have found your audience, you can set up a home feed that directly brings in their pins to you. This is the best way of seeing what drives the bloggers who want to read yours. You simply use your option to follow, whoever or whatever somebody is pinning about. It all comes together nicely onto your board, and if you want to stop, just select unfollow. It couldn’t be easier. After all, driving traffic to your blog is what it is all about, right?

Don’t forget, your fellow pinners are interesting collaborators, designers and bloggers. Who are better to pin your blogs? So, if you are still unsure as to why use Pinterest for your Blog, why not give it a go, and see what is of Pinterest to you.

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