Monday, April 8, 2013

Removing FunWebProducts from Your System

Don't panic, removing the virus funwebproducts spyware from your system is quite easy to do when you know how. The first thing to do is go in to your computers control panel and click on add / remove programs. Search and uninstall ("my web search" and "My total search") if they appear in the list of installed applications.

Now download Microsoft process monitor. Copy this program to a USB stick or save the file to a location on your hard-drive which all users can access (I would recommend saving the file to C:\Temp) The Microsoft process monitor program can kill the locks on files that the funwebproducts spyware can have a hold on. You cant simply kill the locks via task manager.

Now that is done reboot your machine and enter safe mode.  In safe mode browse to the Microsoft process explorer files (In either C:\Temp or on the usb stick) now run the program. Look for any processes that you believe are being run by the funwebproducts spyware virus and end them.

Now all the funwebproducts spyware locks on the files have been dropped. Perform a full virus scan of your system making sure you remove all viruses that the system might find.  When the scan has finished run the scan a second time, then restart your machine.

Fingers crossed the funwebproducts spyware will now be removed from your system.