Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review of Storm Sonuz

The company Cooler Master recently announced new Gaming Headset called Storm Sonuz that besides the gamers can also be used by audiophiles, film fans and all lovers of high-quality multimedia. Their main advantage lies in the high quality sound that they offer and also the superb workmanship.

Physically speaking Storm Sonuz headphones look very attractive and powerful, and are based on speakers with a diameter of 53 mm, which are covered with sponge designed to facilitate adherence to the ears and creating comfortable feeling. Besides that, the sponge affects the reduction of noise from the environment. This takes the enjoying of playing games and listening to music to the maximum.

In addition to excellent speakers Storm Sonuz headphones are equipped with a microphone that you can use for communication, both in the game, and through popular applications for video conversation on the net (Skype, MSN ...). The sound control of these headphones is carried out via potentiometer which is located on the cable, and they are connected with the computer with a 3.5 mm jack, which is more or less standard way to interact.

The quality of the sound offered by Storm Sonuz headphones is excellent as we mentioned. Tones are maximally reproduced, while the sound is crystal clean and with no distortion. Bass is moderate, neither too deep nor too bland, we believe that it will be pleasant for most of the users. At the end it remains to say that the price of this handset is not that small, but also not too big considering the overall features that are offered. The price in the US is $70, while in United Kingdom Storm Sonuz headset cost £55. This is warm recommendation by!