Monday, October 8, 2012

HSN offered five Windows 8 PCs, but only after one day they were removed after the reaction of Microsoft

In the last month a lot of Windows 8 tablets were introduced. We wrote about the HP Windows 8 tablet. Although the official date of Windows 8 release is October 26, the shopping giant HSN now offers 5 Windows 8 PCs on sale, from which 4 are laptops and only one is desktop.

According to HSN, all configurations that are going to be sold will be delivered instantly with a 64-bit version of Windows 8. Sales of Windows 8 configurations despite the "ban" of Microsoft probably will not go unpunished, but will have to wait to see the reaction of Microsoft.

Configurations of laptop computers are standard, Intel i3 and i5 Ivy Bridge processors with 4 to 8 GB DDR 3 and hard drives from 500GB to 1 TB. For now, there's only one desktop configuration that does not seem too impressive. However on two of the laptops the new track pad was added, this will capture better user experience with the new operating system. Prices of laptops are between $700 and $1000, and the desktop will cost $1200. All configurations are produced by Acer and Gateway, which is also an Acer branch.

Windows 8 comes with a pre-instaled software like Office 2010, Nero 12 Essentials, Adobe Reader, Norton Security Trial.

Unlike HSN, Amazon still is not selling any Windows 8 configuration, and ZDnet reports that Walmart also has no configuration data for Windows 8.

Edit: Few hours ago, after only one day, HSN removed all the products from its web store after the reaction of Microsoft. All five products are still listed on HSN's website, but if you attempt to see the specs or buy one you'll get this message "We're sorry, this product has sold out and is no longer available."