Sunday, August 12, 2012

The most popular sites in 2012

Is there a web site that you simply have to visit each day? It turns out that a few million others have the same favorites like you, judging by the new list of 500 most popular sites in the world for 2012. published by the Alexa.

Although their information is updated daily, Alexa based this top list on the last three months of study, including a number of criteria - a global scope (ie number of countries where the site is popular), the number of open pages (compared to the worldwide Internet traffic) and the number of links who led users to other sites.

The four most popular sites in the world are the same as last year: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo. Amazon improved the most (for 5 positions, and now is 10.), while Twitter jumped improved for place (now 8).

Blogger dropped from the top 10.

Google is a leader in the global range, while Facebook has the largest number of open pages and retains the visitors longer.

Top 10:

1. Google
2. Facebook
3. YouTube
4. Yahoo

5. Baidu
6. Wikipedia
7. Windows Live
8. Twitter
9. QQ
10. Amazon