Monday, August 13, 2012

Do you want to buy 10 megabyte disk drive? It will cost you $950! Look at some older interesting computer ads...

If you want to make sure that the technology is advancing and developing with unbelievable speed, just look at this ads from the 80s and 90s. Those who were born in 70s, 80s and 90s will surely remember some of the products.

First, look at this ad for a hard drive with, for that time unbelievable, 10 Mbyte of space, for unbelievable $950 nowadays. But, with a 2 years warranty. :)

10 megabytes are too little for you? Here is a hard disk of 15 megabytes to add 15 million characters. For "just" $2,500.

Remember these amazing 3MB diskettes that came in packages of 10 pieces.The whole package was really useful to record tons of games and software.

What do you think of a portabal printer? This crazy idea seems to be operated only in the 80s. Then, for only $600 you could bring your own "small" printer at work, school, or perhaps to a business meeting.

About thirty years ago the modern successful businessman had a phone ... a real fix phone ... and ... 5 inch monitor and keyboard.

Also in the 80s there were hipsters :)

Wtf is electronic mail? 

The ad below is for Interlude, one of the first sex video games from Apple. Both partners tell the computer in what kind of mood they are, and the software gives a scenario with instructions on how to proceed, for example, "place roses on the bed and surprise your lady when you get out of the bathroom."

Apple were always creative.. 

But Microsoft were always sexier.. 

You can check out a lot more pics here.