Thursday, April 18, 2019

LifeBuddy - Get Workout Routines for All Your Main Muscles

We all have busy lives, it comes with the time we live in and while this wonders for productivity, it can be quite difficult to find time or energy to stay in shape. However, there are many personal workout apps to help you stay in shape, get fitter and healthier. To achieve your goals and amazing achievements without wasting money on gym memberships or equipment, we looked and discovered a great workout app offering workout routines to follow.

What is LifeBuddy all about?

LifeBuddy is a workout app which is very convenient and effective, easy to use and offers the most versatile goal-based workout program that provides you with workout routines for all your main muscles. Without wasting your money paying for gym memberships or equipment that is expensive, this training program can be done from the comfort of your own home. Developed for Android users, this app will help you to easily, quickly and comfortably lead a healthy and fit life. Just grab a mat and some dumbbells to start the workout program. 

Standout features

For all your main muscles, workout routines are provided as well for a calorie tracker that allows you to track the number of calories you are burning with each workout. The app calculates the calories based on your personal info like your gender, weight, height, and age. Achieve your fitness goals at home without going to the gym, in a few minutes a day, using minimal equipment like a set of dumbbells, mat and a chair. Chest and biceps, abs, triceps and shoulders, legs and back workouts are available for you and you will train to do two supersets in a row followed by rest, and move from one set to another without a break.

While your one muscle is recovering, you are performing another exercise on a different muscle. Over 190 exercises with video demonstrations are offered and you can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced level workouts for your body. The mini guide of healthy foods allows you to create a flexible diet plan and you can fine-tune your macros intake depending on your goals. You won’t do the exact same workout in the same exact order because the workouts are auto-shuffled. Track your macros easily and accurately with the macro calculator offered on the app.

Download it for free on Google Play now to get provided with workout routines for all your main muscles!

Official Website: LifeBuddy

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