Sunday, August 7, 2022

Racing Game of the Month – Torque Offroad

Torque Offroad was introduced here already as the realistic offroad simulator with huge customization for lovers of racing games that like to go on thrilling adventures on beautiful rugged terrains. Because we really liked this game and what it offers, we are pronouncing it as our Racing Game of the Month.


Basic Introduction 

This is designed for fans of offroad games that love to experience a realistic simulation. Developed on the IOS and Android platform, the game offers realistic physics and huge customization with addictive and fun gameplay that will take you on thrilling realistic adventures. Just take the wheel of your cool customized vehicle and drive it on the beautiful rugged terrain in this simulation game.  


Gameplay, Customization, and More 

Torque Offroad is offering lovers of offroad games various features, realistic vehicle physics, and high-quality graphics as well as huge customization. Build and customize your rigs and explore the open-world with this simulator. The game is offering the ultimate Workshop system for you to personalize and tune your vehicle in real time as well.

Create countless of combinations in this game. It allows you to change the suspension, tires, rims, choose the traction mode, and many more customizations and tunes available to try. You get to build your personalized vehicle as you want, from a generic 4x4 all-terrain to a monster truck or a rock crawl. In this game, the limit is only your imagination. Build, customize, and drive to experience the realistic offroad simulation.  

Download it on App Store and Google Play to take the wheel of the offroad driving simulator! 

App Store Download Link: Torque Offroad  

Google Play Download Link: Torque Offroad