Monday, July 25, 2022

App of the Day – Whuups

What is Whuups? 

A safe and private social network to use on mobile and desktop to connect through instant messaging, regular calls, and video calls. It's one of the best social apps for connecting with people globally with instant translation to your mother language for no more language barriers.  


Standout Features: 

  • Available in more than 177 countries 
  • Use it on mobile and desktop  
  • TALK - discover or share posts within the Whuups social network
  • Instant messaging  
  • Create and manage groups to chat  
  • Share voice messages, location, files, photos and videos  
  • Unlimited calls  
  • Video calls up to 12 people 
  • Instant chat translation 
  • Create public and private events 
  • Discover events and share them with people  
  • No subscription fees 
  • Free for download 


Uniqueness: Medium 

Usefulness: High 

Potential of going viral: High


Compatibility: IOS 11.0 or later 

Requires: Android 5.0 and up 

Developer: Whuups Inc  

Official Website: Whuups  

App Store Download Link: Whuups  

Google Play Download Link: Whuups