Tuesday, July 13, 2021

App of the Day – Flyp

What is Flyp? 

A convenient and reliable network of independent pro sellers to sell your clothes for you and make you some money. It’s one of the best shopping apps for you to get matched with a Pro Seller that can handle the selling for you.  


Standout features: 

  • Network of independent Pro Sellers to sell your clothes for you 
  • Pros handle pricing, listing, negotiating, packing, and shipping  
  • Take photos of your clothes, shoes, and handbags to create a ‘’Lot’’ 
  • Get matched with a Pro Seller and review their price estimates and commission 
  • Partner with your Pro and send them your Lot 
  • You are covered by the app’s protection policy 
  • Get paid as soon as your Pro receives funds for each individual sale 
  • Join the network as a Pro Seller  
  • Free for download 


Uniqueness: High 

Potential of going viral: Medium 

Usefulness: High  


Compatibility: IOS 12.0 or later 

Requires: Android 7.0 and up  

Developer: Flyp | The Selling Company 

Official Website: Flyp  

App Store Download Link: Flyp  

Google Play Download Link: Flyp