Wednesday, December 23, 2020

App of the Day – KrisnaPay

What is KrisnaPay? 

A convenient and economical tool for users in Indonesia to fill digital products and much more. It’s one of the most advanced payment apps for fast and secure Indonesia transactions in the digital world.  

Standout Features: 

    • Easy to use financial app  
    • For users in Indonesia  
    • Fill digital products  
    • Economical wholesale prices at any time  
    • Complete digital products  
    • Price promo  
    • Efficient bundling products  
    • Complete payment method  
    • Rewards you with coins every time you use it  
    • Invite friends to get more coins  
    • Interesting rewards  
    • Exchange coins for attractive prizes 

Uniqueness: Medium 

Usefulness: High 

Potential of going viral: Medium 


Compatibility: IOS 9.0 or later 

Requires: Android 4.3 and up  

Developer: Krisna Developer 

App Store Download Link: KrisnaPay  

Google Play Download Link: KrisnaPay