Thursday, March 5, 2020

App Digest — Fivegreen

-          App Name: Fivegreen
-          Category: Health & Fitness
-          Platform: iOS and Android
-          Price: Free
-          Who is it for?
-         For those who’ve had trouble eating well and sticking to diet plans and are looking for a system built on behavioral science (and fun) to build healthier eating habits.
-          For everyone looking for a complete health & nutrition tracker: meal journal, nutrition reporting, meal recommendations and overall wellbeing tracking (meditation, sleep, and exercise, among others).
-          What’s unique about it:
-          The first all-in-one nutrition & wellness tracker that personalizes your next meal based on your current habits.
-          The first app to gamify nutrition by incorporating cheat meals into their program, promoting whole foods and long-term healthy habit formation.
-          Standout Features:
-          Clean, user-friendly interface
-          Complete health & nutrition tracker and meal planner
-          Detailed nutritional report card
-          Access to wellness center: track water intake, sleep patterns, mood, and meditation habits
-          Historical progress of tracked behaviors
-          Personalized whole food recommendations to balance your diet
-          Daily goals to stay in the “green” zone determined by established standards and the latest dietary clinical research
-          Gamification that allows you level up your diet quality and earn cheat meals

Developer:   Fivegreen Labs, Inc.
Official Website: Fivegreen
App Store Download Link: Fivegreen
Google Play Download Link: Fivegreen

Most relevant user review:
“I’ve used a few trackers over the last several years, and not a single one has had all the features this one has. It’s has a little bit of a way to go in terms of functionality, but a great start. I can track nutrition, my weight, keep track of friends and family, and get a sense of which foods I need and when. Keep it up!”