Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Now, retrieve control of your sleep with Sleeping Mermaid: Meditation Relax & Sleep

A good night’s sleep will always be your easiest getaway from a stressful day. While some of us fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow, for others it may take hours of staring blankly at the ceiling. It might be insomnia, anxiety or just years of accumulated bad habits. In times like these, relaxing your mind and body helps a lot. A decade ago, we used to have alarm clocks with built-in nature sounds, Don’t worry because you can now use your smartphone to help you meditate, relax, and sleep. Yeah! You heard right, now there are apps for your smartphones that can help you to achieve your relaxation goal and this time we are here with a review for an app of the same kind that is called, Sleeping Mermaid: Meditation Relax & Sleep.

What is Sleeping Mermaid: Meditation Relax & Sleep?

Sleeping Mermaid: Meditation Relax & Sleep is an app that is aimed to give the peace of mind to the people who are suffering from, stress, migraine, tinnitus, insomnia, other sleep-related problems, depression or for the ones who just want to relax their mind and body, or Anger management or if it is just about keeping themself comfortable in a noisy environment. The app uses nature sounds therapy technique by featuring more than 10 nature sounds. Therefore, when you can’t physically escape to the mountains or listen to flowing river water, the best you can do is close your eyes, open this app, play nature sounds, and imagine that you’re there.

Sleeping Mermaid: Meditation Relax & Sleep app brings you a simple and clean interface with no complex menu when you open the app you will find the panel of sound with sliding button. Now in order to listen to these sounds tap the sliding button and enjoy. Moreover, if you want to mix multiple sounds to create your own melody, it is also possible in this app. another good thing about this app is its timer which turns off the app after the particular time interval even if you fall asleep.

Right now, this amazing app is available free for both iOS and Android Platform devices for Free. You can get this for your device by tapping the direct download links given at the end.