Saturday, July 22, 2017

Simkl Lists: TV, Anime, Movies – TV Show Tracker – Cool TV Show and Movie List Maker App

If you're sitting down in front of the TV, ready to watch something, it can be tricky to try and sort out which show you want to watch is on, or whether the movie you're interested in is playing in the theaters. Thankfully there are apps that will help you get the information you need about shows, anime or movies and keep lists with your favorites reminding you when it’s time for watching. Sounds great? We’ve found this app for android and IOS, perfect for all movie maniacs - Simkl Lists: TV, Anime, Movies – TV Show Tracker.

Entertaining useful app created for Android and iOS platforms, for all tv show addicts and movie maniacs to keep track and make lists with favorite shows, movies and anime. Easy to use and extremely helpful TV show and movie tracker app offering the users to browse and track seasons or episodes of shows, favorite movies or new movies airing, all of that with complete information about them! Especially made for people that enjoy watching shows and movies!

Standout Features

With detailed and complete information about every TV show, movie or anime you browse. Email notifications about marked seasons or episodes in your lists, reminding you of upcoming releases. Option of Facebook alerts, offering the users notifications through their Facebook profile about new movies in theaters or released episodes of their favorite show. With this tracker app you will never miss again another episode of your favorite shows!