Tuesday, November 29, 2016

StopSmoking – The Game That Will Help You Stop Smoking

After months of preparations and scientific research over different evidence based techniques to help you quit smoking sand stay smoking free, and to save your money. We found a game that will help you in an entertaining way to quit your craving for smoking. Just run many more and achieve your goal.

StopSmoking is the hard work of rigorous scientific research. The theme of game is like you have to run through the track, keep collecting the fruits, just and healthier things which develops your mind to use healthy thing and all you have to do is to avoid the smoking related things.

Once you collected the smoking related things like a packet of cigarettes or cigarette the game is over. The graphic really affects your spatial vision and the music gives you relaxing feelings, makes you to be more focused, and helps you to forget about craving for cigarette.

The more exciting way to get rid of nasty habit holds more things to exciting things and benefits like:

· How much life you have regained and how your health is improving.

· Gives you the tracking of high score

· You don’t have to pay for attending coaching

· Don’t have to pay for paid apps

· Also helps you to save a lot of money that you waste by buying cigarettes

If you really want to stop smoking, this game is a great foundation. You will have time and possibly it can help you achieve a great thing!

App store download link: StopSmoking

Google play download link: StopSmoking