Monday, November 28, 2016

LogicalDOC Review - Improve your document management with one of the best DMS in the software industry

To run your business smoothly and keeping it well organized is not an easy task at all! You have to deal with a lot of documents - protocols, reports, pictures and a lot more every day. Moreover, to keep tracking them when you need them is not an easy job it really needs plenty of your useful time when you are in need of them. That is why to make an ease for your document management software system we are here with the software LogicalDoc.

LogicalDOC is a document management system that tracks the entire lifecycle of a document or file. It is available as either a cloud-based or an on-premise deployment. A LogicalDoc supports its user by capturing, publishing, finding, and storing electronic documents. One of the value added features is to store all documents with meta-information like title, author, keywords, and language.

In addition, it offers you:

Simultaneous user collaboration, which allows chat, services for users to quickly communicate key information concerning a shared document, for simultaneously editing.

Workflow management: it allows you track tasks and coordinate deadlines concerning the document life cycle by using shared dashboards and calendars.

Imaging: LogicalDoc is capable of connecting with scanners for uploading paper-based documents.

There is a reason why this app has been called one of the best document and knowledge management software! It is indeed helpful, customizable and can be of amazing help. To start a 30 days free trial and discover features that are more exciting download today. The download links are given below:

Software download link: LogicalDoc software

Appstore download link: LogicalDoc mobile app

Google play download link: LogicalDoc mobile app