Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Software Review - Viper FTP

Today we will present you a software for Mac OS X that will be perfect for users that transfer files by FTP, SFTP i.e people that maintain a website, upload documents or photos, or upload videos on YouTube. We are talking about the software called Viper FTP. It is a clean, easy, fast and effective way to transfer FTP files. It is a feature rich software that can enhance your user experience and your file management a truly enjoyable process.

Viper FTP Features

The main feature of Viper FTP, like we already said, is to transfer files from FTP and it includes all of the most popular FTPs like SFTP, YouTube, WebDaw, Amazon S3 etc.

When you do a file transfer, Viper FTP keeps everything on your account. You will be able to find the files easily later on.

In terms of organization and navigating around the creators of Viper FTP have done extraordinary job. The search of the files and servers is blazing fast. You can easily bookmark any personal, work or social servers, group them and simply organize them. You can change the environment according to your needs.

While you doing a file transfer, there is animated progress indicator that will help you follow the transfer and see the remaining time and transfer rate. Also all of your transfers are neatly organize din the Transfer Queue. Viper FTP has a built in zip file extractor as well that works with Zip, Rar, Gz and Tar archives. There is also a preview of images, video or any other type of files.


Viper FTP makes the transferring the files over FTP neat, simple and efficient. It can really organize your transfers and make the job a lot easier for you. It is certainly a software that we highly recommend, because it has a lot of useful features, is intuitive and fast. Viper FTP is free for the average users that only have one FTP account. Check the Lite version here. If you want the full set of features you need to buy the pro version. Here is the download page for both downloads.