Thursday, September 3, 2015

App Review - Contacts @Work

Contacts @Work is a free Business iOS app that will help you organize your professional life in the neatest and easiest way possible. It is a feature-rich organizer that will enable you to search and access the contact info from your colleagues very fast using Active Directory or Exchange. The app works in very convenient way and it will pull up amazing amount of relevant data about the place you work for. You will have all the detailed information about your colleagues and managers on your iPhone or iPad. The app is very clean, fast and highly functional.

Like we said you will be able to search your colleagues by name, place, title or department. You will have their phone number, email, direct reports, manager and most importantly photo on your iOS device. What is great that is that you can send them email or call them with a single tap.

If there are groups you can also search and see them and find their owners or members. If your company has conference rooms the app will also enable you to search through them, see their capacity and the exact location. This will make the organization of meeting much easier in the future.
When it comes to your own use of the app. You can upload your own photo, view and edit your info in the Active Directory, see when your password will expire and change it.

Contacts @Work is a great business app and it represents a neat tool to have on your iOS device. It will make things a lot easier at your workplace and the interaction and communication with your colleagues will be a lot better and smoother. It will make your Active Directory data live, relevant and useful! Get it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: Contacts @Work