Friday, May 29, 2015

App Review - Retail Storm POS

Retail Storm POS is a new iOS productivity and business app that was released 5 days ago on the iOS platform. Designed for newer iOS devices, with stunning UI and functionality, this app could really turn your iPad or iPad Mini into a cash register. It is a global storm POS that will enable you to do and manage your business in a better way with its Modern Point Sale Platform. Created by real businessman and professionals, this app involves everything on business owner should have, all packed in flawless design and intuitive UI.

Retail Storm POS works in the cloud. That means that you will have access to all the data and analytics anywhere on the web. On top of that the app is Apple Pay ready, which is crucially important nowadays. Of course it features inventory management and real-time reporting about all of your products and services.

Retail Storm POS is EMV Chip & Pin Compliant and it can also issue and record gift cards and you can also apply discounts and create order modifiers. Additionally, it offer great amount of customization features. You can literally customize all of your products with photos, names and prices, which will make the inventory management much more visually appealing and easier to manage. The app works selected receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanner all via WiFI or Bluetooth.

Retail Storm POS is a highly functional business app. It is fast, neatly organized, works in the cloud and it is extremely customizable. You can get it for free and manage your business in a much better way. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later in order to function.

 App Store Download Link: Retail Storm POS