Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mention Tribe - Revolutionary service that will connect the customers and businesses in unique way

Today I'm going to present you one fresh and innovative service that will connect customers and business in a unique way. Mention Tribe is a two sided social network platform. It will enable business to create offers and see how the customers react and what they like or dislike about their services or products. On the other hand the customers will enjoy really good offers and possible rewards, discounts or coupons from the businesses. 

The great thing about Mention Tribe is that it creates value for both. Businesses will know how the customers react to their product or service and what are the pros and cons of them. They can see which offers or prices get the best reaction. Customers will have the best deals, get quality service and products and save money. 

Mention Tribe is perfect for small businesses. Actually it is created by small business owners who wanted to take step forward in connecting to their customers. They think that for small businesses best source of new business is the business's existing customers and that is how MentionTribe will enable them to create even deeper connection with their customers.

It is perfect for customers as well, because they can find great local stores and businesses with affordable and amazing offers. These offers can be later shared to their friends. So, again we go back to the fact that MentionTribe can create amazing value for businesses and customers!

After you sign up on MentionTribe you will have Feed, Mentions, Connections, Offers and Incentives. MentionTribe is smartly and neatly designed. You will get what you need and you will have that in an organized way. However, please note that MentionTribe is still in a beta and it is officially launching on 3/15/14. You can follow them on Twitter for the latest updates. I'm surely excited about this and I'm definitely going to sign up as a customer.