Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Supreme Traffic Bot will lead you to online success

Getting traffic to your website or blogs is basically the hardest thing to do when managing or starting with this business. No matter if you want to earn through ads, like from Google Adsense, or you want to do affiliate marketing, you depend very much from the traffic. Today, we are going to present you one really good product, that I've tested in the last couple of weeks, called Supreme Traffic Bot. I've successfully boosted my traffic on 3 small blogs and 4 videos.

However, you can use this bot not only for the traffic. I've used many bots in the past, but this one is something special. Not only that it can generate you quality traffic, but also it can do different tasks depending of your needs. It can solve complex captchas for example. Nevertheless, the service this guys offers comes with various scripts like SEO and Click Script and Bitcoin Collector Script. 

I've used SEO and Click Script for a small blog of mine. Basically the script enabled me to setup keyword which the bot will search on the search engine, and then it will find my blog and click on it. That made the visits look very legitimate! You can also set up every visit to make certain number of imps, so your bounce rate will stay as low as possible. We all know, that recent changes in the search engine algorithms suggest that the sites with better click through rate and lower bounce rate will rank higher than its competitors, even if the competitors have bigger authority. I can confirm this as I've outranked some really good sites with this method.

The users of this Supreme Traffic Bot can even create scripts themselves. Creating a script seemed complex before, but after using Supreme Traffic Bot, this became a routine and easy job for me. The creators did extremely great job in creating a quality editor, I've created really good scripts for my personal use. 

Also, you can add multiple URLs for generating visits and you can create delays of the visits, pretty useful for video views. So, before buying traffic or bots online, be sure to check Supreme Traffic Bot, because they also have already prepared earning methods, after you buy the service. Cheers!