Thursday, February 27, 2014

Improve your business with Ormita Commerce Network Barter Exchange

Every business faces all sorts of different problems everyday. However, it would be great if you have some assistance in solving the majority of the business problems. That is why today I will present you the services of Ormita Commerce Network Barter Exchange.

Ormita Commerce is a system that will help you to remove the limitations that traditionally were a part of any barter transaction, such as the need for an equal dollar value, the mutual need between any two companies for each other's product or service, and the time it can take to coordinate the transaction. 

Issues that contribute to the need for cash flow management include highly competitive markets where constant advertising is a mandate, increasing business expenditures to attract consumer attention, planned or unplanned downtime, perishable inventory and the necessity of discounting inventory. The Ormita Commerce Network barter exchange helps businesses alleviate the affects of these problems.

What Ormita Commerce Offers?

- Government Barter

This services are intended for Governments and State Enterprises. The services of Ormita Commerce are needed in order to leverage barter trade for large-scale import transactions. Especially they can help when there is limited foreign currency reserves or volatile currency exchange rates. This is such an unique help, that is why they are so global and broad. 

- Business to Business Barter

This is intended for businesses from any size. Basically Ormita Commerce can help you with any sorts of problems you may face, like problems in supply, demand, inventory or return of investment.

- Barter for Media

This is also very unique and quality service. Basically Ormita Commerce will enable you to do advertising with barter or how they call it "barter for advertising". What this service do is that it enables the company to swap its time, space or excess and undervalued inventory for media campaigns. Pretty neat right?

- Barter Exchange Franchises 

This service offers unique opportunity for creating partnerships i.e you becoming part of their network.

Ormita Commerce is global network. It has offices in 5 continents and over 21 countries and they are managing a global barter trade volume in excess of $2.86 billion USD per annum.. You can learn more about their services and contact them here.